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Gold Cup Team Fishing Tournament

Official Entry Form

A team is composed of no less than two anglers and no more than four anglers.

Please (X) if this is your first year.

(Recommended to size up)
Please note: Teams registering after December 10, 2018 are not guaranteed size preferences at the Captain’s Meeting. The tournament staff will do its best to order a specific size and model that will be shipped to participant after the tournament.

(Recommended to size up)

(Recommended to size up)

(Recommended to size up)
(No fee for 1st alternate)
($150 fee for 2nd Alternate)
(Only Two Mates Permitted not including Boat Captain)
Team entry is $2,500.00 for two anglers, plus $750.00 for each additional angler (maximum total of four). This includes all main dinner parties for anglers. (See back page for payment information.) Any changes or additions to Anglers or Crews must be submitted for approval as soon as known.

I have read the above general participant information as well as the Rules and Regulations of this Tournament and hereby agree that my Team Anglers and Crew Members will abide by the same.
Dockage Form
To make arrangements for dockage, contact Sailfish Club Dock Master, Vaughn Vanderwel at (561) 844-1130.
Please note that dockage fees are $1.45 per foot / per day plus electric. Dockage at the Club is available on a firstcome, first served basis. Entry form MUST be completed prior to reserving for dockage.
General Release

KNOW ALL MEN BY THESE PRESENTS that the undersigned Team Captain, Team Members and Alternate Anglers contemplate participating in the INVITATIONAL GOLD CUP TEAM TOURNAMENT which is to be held at Palm Beach, Florida, January 3 – 7, 2019. THE SAILFISH CLUB OF FLORIDA, INC., 1338 North Lake Way, Palm Beach, Florida, will be the sponsor and the host of the Tournament.

We recognize that in connection with engaging in the Tournament, our Team will experience certain hazards and will be involved in certain risks. The undersigned further recognize that it would be impracticable, as well as unfair, for the INVITATIONAL GOLD CUP TEAM TOURNAMENT Committee, or THE SAILFISH CLUB OF FLORIDA, INC., or any others directly or indirectly connected with the Tournament, to be responsible for injuries to the person, including death and/or property damage they may suffer or sustain while participating in or resulting from participation in the Tournament.

As a consequence of the foregoing and in consideration of permitting us to engage and participate in the Tournament, we do hereby individually and collectively release and forever discharge THE INVITATIONAL GOLD CUP TEAM TOURNAMENT Committee and THE SAILFISH CLUB OF FLORIDA, INC., its members, officers and directors and any and all other persons or firms directly or indirectly involved in or connected with the Tournament, from any and all manner and actions, cause and causes of action, which any of the undersigned, their heirs, administrators or assigns may hereafter have by reason of any injury or damages of any kind or nature sustained during, or as a result of, participation in the Tournament.

We understand that we enter the Tournament at our own risk and we, individually and collectively, hereby assume all risk which may be involved in participating in the Tournament, particularly hazards due to weather conditions and we fully understand that at any time during the participation we may elect not to participate when we think weather hazards are too great.

The undersigned, individually and for the above mentioned group, specifically release and forever discharge the INVITATIONAL GOLD CUP TEAM TOURNAMENT Committee and THE SAILFISH CLUB OF FLORIDA, INC., its members, officers and directors and all persons connected directly or indirectly with the operation of the Tournament from any liability for libel, slander, loss, damage, negligence, harm, injury or death suffered by any of us which may occur during or as a result of participation in the Tournament.