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Submit Fishing Logs

From January - December, adult, teen and junior anglers track and submit fishing logs for all the fish caught or released. Those logs are recorded throughout the year and at the end of the season, scores are calculated and winners are determined. Winners are announced at the Club's Annual Fishing Awards in the Spring. Please note the SFC Fishing Committee is currently in the process of updating the sport-fishing rule book, which will be printed before Fall.    

The Sailfish Club Fishing Committee is also planning its upcoming tournaments and events. Your feedback is invaluable, so please take a few minutes to complete a survey about the Club's fishing program. 

See below each month's top scorers. 

  • Current Fishing Scores
    • Scores As of January 2020 
      Chris Lazzara  2625
      Brian Kirkpatrick 2250
      David Anderson 1125
      George Straub 1125
      Winston Wren 1125
      Holt Hemingway 1050
      Lachlan Cheatham 750
      Kelly Kirkpatrick 750
      Bill Shockley 750
      Andrew Stewart 750
      Alexander (Nico) Fanjul 375
      Kevin McCluskey 375
      Rock Leas 375
      Erik Waldin 375
      Serena Wilson 375
      Sydney McKelvy 250
  • Annual Fishing Awards
    • On Friday, April 12th, 2019 the Club held its Annual Fishing Awards Ceremony in the Anchor Room to honor the top anglers of 2018.
      Congratulations to:

      Annual Fishing Awards
      Overall Club Champion Molly Fleming
      Ann Sodahl Light Tackle Champion Serena Wilson
      Coffin Heavy Tackle Champion Rock Leas
      Nataros Flycasting Champion Peter McKelvy
      Sailfish Club Sailfish Release Award Serena Wilson
      “Hap” Wilson Marlin Release Award John Phelan
      Boutell Tarpon Award Gregg Hemingway
      Allan Bonefish Award Peter McKelvy
      Fleming All-Florida Points Award Tom Ferguson
      Stoll Owner / Operator Boat Award Gregg Hemingway
      Stewart Most Species Award Tom Ferguson
      Mettler Overall Children’s Award Wilder Breckenridge
      Overall Junior Dock Fishing Champion Wilder Breckenridge
      2nd Place Junior Dock Fishing Shea Vila
      3rd Place Junior Dock Fishing Eloise Forrest

      Quarterly Awards
      1st Quarter Tom Ferguson
      2nd Quarter Serena Wilson
      3rd Quarter Allison Johnstone
      4th Quarter Brian Kirkpatrick

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