2017 Tournament Winners 

2017 - Gold Cup Champions
Ditch Digger

            Dale Creamer (Team Captain), Peter Creamer, Glenn Creamer, and Rick Kadien
Boat Captain: Jon Brooks

Click HERE to View Photos from January 8 - 12 (Photos by Leonard Durham Bryant) 
Click HERE to View Photos from the Awards Dinner on January 12th (Photos by Leonard Durham Bryant)

1st Place: Ditch Digger, Hudson Tuna Club: 11,400 Points 
Jon Brooks, Dale Creamer, Peter Creamer, Glenn Creamer, and Rick Kadien


2nd Place: Showtime!, Sailfish Point Yacht Club: 9,600 Points
Wink Doerzbacher, Fred Hardwick, Nancy Hardwick, Tom Russell, and Howard Webb


3rd Place:  Hit N Run, Sailfish Club of Florida: 9,300 Points
Byron Russell, Dave Fields, Laura Russell, Michelle Keeney, and Gray Ingram


4th Place: Wrapped Up, Team Phoenix: 8,400 Points
Chris Lazzara, Kendall Cheatham, Brian Kirkpatrick, and Lach Cheatham

High Daily

President's Award

Day 1 Marlin: Enrique Tomeu

 Day 1 Doug Buck: Miss Annie

Day 2  Hit N Run: Byron Russel

 Day 2 Nicholas Fanjul: Osceola

Day 3  Ditch Digger: Dale Creamer

 Day 3 Jimmy Burg: Hull Billy

Day 4  Krazy Salts: Keith Greenburg

 Day 4 Justin Healey: Viking


Donald "Boy" Leas Chairman's Award

Bobby Haines Memorial Award


(Highest Ratio of Shots to Releases)
Dale Creamer (Ditch Digger) 91%

(Highest Boat Captain) 
Jon Brooks (Ditch Digger)


Westcott Award 

(Team with the most cumulative points over a three year period)
Krazy Salts (15,600 points)


High Live Bait Team 

High Live Bait Top Angler

"Miss Annie" Team Captain: Doug Buck 

1st Place: Doug Buck (Miss Annie)


Ann Sodahl Memorial Award

John Rybovich Memorial Award

(Highest Woman Angler)
Nancy Hardwick (Showtime!) 3,000 Points  

(Most Sailfish on Dead Bait)
Tony Cummings - 13 Releases

Heaviest Fish Awards





Clarke Taylor (Reel Janie)



Keith Beaty (Sweet Thing)