History of the Sailfish Club

Est. 1914

The Sailfish Club of Florida was chartered in 1914 by a dedicated group of pioneer saltwater anglers interested in prompting a tradition in the sport. Our Club strives today to provide support and leadership compatible with changing times and conditions. Besides our unwritten rules regarding good sportsmanship, our anglers are expected to conform with the very strict ones governing the methods of taking fish. Our emphasis is on conservation. We therefore give much credit for released fish and discourage killing them, unless the specimen provides a value to science, a worthwhile trophy to be mounted, or (at the very least) some tasty nourishment at the table.

The Sailfish Club is noted for the main important angling tournaments it has hosted since its inception, including the famous Masters Tournament, the International Light and Tackle Tournament Association and the International Women’s Fishing Association tournaments. The perpetual trophy awarded to the winning team in the Sailfish Club Invitational Gold Cup Team Tournament was originally donated in 1938 by the late Colonel E.R. Bradley.

The scope of the Sailfish Club activities has been considerably broadened over the past eighty odd years. Because of the diversified interest within these families, have developed our facilities to include all water sports and full provisions for both formal, informal and casual social gatherings. Besides anglers, we have many yachting members who berth their crafts at our docks, which accommodate a variety of both sail and power boats, ranging from twelve to one hundred feet in length. We have an Olympic swimming pool with cabana, snack bar, dining room, bar, and card rooms, and cuisine which ranks with the best in the Palm Beach area; but what really makes our Club is our membership; a friendly, gregarious group representing a fascinating cross section of Florida’s professional, sporting and social leaders.